Renovations and construction can be a complicated mess to deal with. Such projects include both installation and demolition, leaving behind tons of unused scrap and materials which, if not cleaned, may give you a result that looks much different than what you may have imagined.

There is a critical step between the end of a remodeling project and the handing over of the key: post-construction cleanup.

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A post-construction cleaning process isn’t just a matter of dealing with dust. It will require proper knowledge on how to dispose of hazardous materials, polish and clean brand-new flooring and walls, and address any safety issues such as leaks or loose wires.

You need to consider a post-construction cleanup like proofreading an article: it may be the final step of completion, but it is critical to ensure that the final product is just what you want it to be.

Professional post-renovation cleaning experts offer a detailed, thorough, and multiphase cleaning of your renovated space.

A cleaning team can also work directly with your project contractors in order to provide you with a professional cleaning towards the end of your construction process. They will address any unfinished problems or issues with your project while ensuring that your space is livable and attractive.

The process of post-construction cleanup

There are basically three main phases of a post-construction cleanup project. They are:

  • Rough cleaning
  • Light or initial clean
  • Finishing clean

For certain types of projects, you may also have to get a final exterior cleanup done. We will now discuss these phases in detail, starting with a rough clean.

Rough cleanup

A rough clean takes place during or immediately after the project wraps up. This phase often includes scrubbing down off concrete or plywood in order to make sure that your new flooring is installed correctly.

This rough cleaning face largely includes proper disposal of debris, leftover materials, and all other large pieces. It also includes removing any labels and stickers from windows, doors, and all other items, as well as vacuuming the entire space.

Light clean

The light cleaning phase is usually the most labor-intensive part of the opposed cleanup process and requires the use of special equipment.

Kitchens, bathrooms, and all other parts of your house that serve a specific purpose need to be attended to in this step. New additions like showers, windows, toilets, sinks, counters, and cabinets will get a deep cleaning in this process.

Final clean up

The last phase of this cleanup process will be the final clean, which is the face where all last-minute touch ups are applied.

Any dirt or dust that gets settled from the second phase will now get vacuumed or wiped off from the surface. If you hire professionals they will also go through the entire space with a fine-toothed comb to help wipe down any fingerprints, smudges, and markings left behind during the construction.

Exterior cleanup

For remodeling projects where the construction includes exterior work, you will also need to do a pass of cleaning, which includes getting rid of any debris outside, making sure that the paint job is finished correctly, and adequately wiping down all your windows and doors from the exterior.

This can sometimes be a part of the light, clean process, depending on what makes more sense to you personally.

Is post-construction cleanup harder than it appears?

Not only is post-construction or remodeling cleanup harder than it looks, but it is also a labor-intensive process. Construction is always a messy process that leaves behind wood, dust, metal shavings, wiring, nails, and various other kinds of leftover materials.

Your construction crew’s main priority is leaving you with a stable and safe structure that meets all your required specifications. It is not part of their job to keep it clean, even though a considerate contractor may choose to do a little cleanup before leaving.

Even after the construction or home improvement project is completed, you may still have to take care of a few days of work left. Getting rid of all leftover debris, cleaning all your kitchen equipment, dusting, vacuuming, mopping, wiping down windows and countertops are a few tasks that you need to accomplish to have a nice and clean home again.

If you, like most others, are excited to see the finished product after your remodeling project is complete, you may feel disappointed. This is the reason why our team at Nadine Floor Company recommends you hire a professional cleaning crew to handle your post-renovation cleanup.

There is a reason why we are professionals.

Professionally trained cleaning experts have all the required equipment and expertise to make sure that your remodeling project or new house is ready to move in as soon as we are done.

Our entire team is insured, bonded, and tested for client peace of mind. A good cleaning service provider will offer you 100% guarantee on your satisfaction.

Call us for your post construction cleaning services in order to:

  • Save time and money on your project
  • Enjoy the final results sooner
  • The three-phase cleaning process for thorough cleaning results
  • Highly trained cleaning crews

This is why it is time for you to make the team at Nadine Floor Company a part of your remodeling budget and spare yourself the trouble and effort of cleaning up after the project is completed. We serve clients in East Plano, West Plano and Frisco.

Our company offers custom quotes based on various projects, which ensures that you only pay for what you get. Contact us today to get your free estimate.