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Popular Wood Finishes that Could Spice Up your Hardwood Flooring

The durability and lasting appearance of hardwood flooring depend on the wood finishes that were used in the wood. The wood finish is the top coat that protects the wood floor from everyday wear and tear. It gives color and luster to the wood floor which allows personalization on hardwood floors. People can have their hardwood floor in a variety of color because the options are endless, especially in the hardwood flooring Southlake-based company Nadine Floor, where myriad of wood finishing options are made readily available for homeowners who are interested in having their flooring be made with solid hardwood.Wood Flooring

The Nadine Floor Company is considered to be the best hardwood flooring Southlake shop because they offer a lot of wood finishes to their customers who want to personalize their wood flooring. Whether you want the installation to be DIYed or pitch the labor to the refinishing experts of Nadine Floor Company, it will still give you the same result which is elegant-looking hardwood flooring. And to get the best wood flooring for your home, here are the wood finishes that could spice up your hardwood flooring.

  • Surface Finishes The surface finishing is the trendiest because it requires a stain in order to achieve the preferred color, which will be topped by a polyurethane or varnish for protection. This is among the top picks in wood finishes because it is durable and easy to maintain. In fact, surface finishes could be any of the following;
    • Water-based urethane this is highly recommended for people who love to DIY their hardwood flooring. The finish dries quickly and can be cleaned up with soap and water. And compared to oil-based urethane its color does not turn yellowish and has no lingering odor.
    • Oil-based urethane This type of surface finish is applied two to three times and could be bought in different variants that include gloss, semi-gloss and satin sheens. The only disadvantage of using this type of surface finish is that it takes up to 8 hours to dry the finish before you can put another coat to it. It requires adequate ventilation and turns yellow as it age.
  • Penetrating Finishes The penetrating finishes penetrate the wood deeper by soaking the finish into the wood. A wax is then applied to provide low-gloss sheen on the wood but has to be re-applied periodically and can only be maintained using certain cleaners.

At hardwood flooring Southlake, homeowners do not have to suffer in DIY-ing hardwood flooring finishes because they have professional refinishers who can do the job for them. Homeowners are advised to leave the task to these experts as they are knowledgeable enough in applying wood finishes that are very tricky. And to make the renovation for the hardwood flooring, and shopping for the right wood floor a stress-free and hassle-free activity, contacting Nadine Floor Company for the free in-home estimate is highly commended.

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