What to know about Carpet Flooring Installation

Even with all of the surrounding flooring advancements, carpet maintains its level of high demand among Addison, TX homeowners. To this day, how many homes have you walked through that do not have carpet anywhere? Likely, very few. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for eventual carpet flooring installation. You’ll benefit from the inexpensive flooring option either in a new home or a remodeled home.

Installation Costscarpet flooring installation Addison TX

Some flooring types will cost as much for installation as the flooring itself. That is not the case with carpet. You’ll find carpet to be priced by the square foot, generally ranging from $2 to $10. Installation costs, on the other hand, typically range from $2-$5 per square foot. It is rare that a homeowner is pushed over the $1,000 threshold to have a carpet installed. Though, carpet type, carpet style and overall room size are all factors that will influence installation costs.

The $2-$5/square foot installation range applies to laying and cutting the carpet in a standard square or rectangular room. Services like furniture removal, removing and hauling away old carpet, installing a subfloor, and special carpet-cutting can considerably add to carpet flooring installation costs. Thus, it will save you money if you are able to take care of a few of these things on your own. For example, perhaps you can remove heavy furniture from the room through the help of a family member or a friend. In addition, carpet removal can be surprisingly costly. If you know how and are capable of removing it on your own, you can benefit from cost reduction.

Prepping for Carpet Flooring Installation

When it comes to installation preparation, your primary concern needs to be the subfloor. The subfloor is of course what your new floor will be placed on top of. To prepare for installation and to assist the professional installers, it is important that your subfloor is:

  • Completely flat
  • Completely dry
  • Clean, free from glue, tacks, dirt, etc.
  • Free from impurities, such as cracks and dents

A well-conditioned subfloor is helpful to the overall project; however, there isn’t much you can do if it doesn’t cooperate. If the subfloor is old and worn, either the installer or a professional carpenter will have to repair the current one or replace the current subfloor with a new one. You will need a carpet pad to be installed over the subfloor as well. Professional installation companies will offer a carpet pad at a very affordable $0.50 per square foot.

You can only prep the subfloor if your old floor is removed. If you elect for the professional installation company to remove your old floor then all you really need to worry about is clearing the room of furniture and dusting and vacuuming the current floor. These efforts will make the installers’ job slightly easier and quicker.

Get the Help of an Expert Installer

Carpet flooring installation in Addison, TX may be simpler than hardwood installation; though, that does not mean it is simple. Don’t attempt the difficult challenge of installing a carpet floor on your own if you have little to no experience doing it in the past. Again, carpet installation is universally inexpensive, so you might as well take advantage of installation done by the experts. You’ll benefit from a precise job for cheap, rather than stressfully trying to follow a step-by-step installation video you found on YouTube.

Weight your options…trust yourself to install your first ever floor or trust the pros who have already installed hundreds of floors. We don’t mean to doubt your abilities, but it’s always reasonable to put your faith in someone with experience when it comes to home remodeling. At the end of the day, you have a vision for your home that you want to be fulfilled. The experts have the greatest chance of fulfilling your vision.

When speaking of experts, we are referring to Nadine Floor Company. Nadine has been in the DFW flooring business for a long time. Our staff has installed their fair share of floors—of all kinds. Give us a call, visit our website—www.nadinefloors.com—and visit our blog to learn more about flooring and overall home remodeling.

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