What are the advantages of laminate vs hardwood flooring?

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No matter what is the style of your home, flooring is its base, and it is the first thing your visitors notice when they step in. When choosing a flooring material, most of us end up shortlisting hard, easy-to- clean surfaces like laminate and hardwood. These two flooring options are popular these days, liked for, both their warm appearance and durability factor. There was a time when laminate floors were considered less durable than hardwood. But time has changed. Today, these floors may not last as long as hardwood, but they are more durable and attractive than ever, making it difficult to make a choice between these two flooring materials. Here we have put together a useful guide that compares both laminate and hardwood, highlighting the pros and cons of each type.

The FundamentalsAdvantages of laminate vs hardwood flooring

Laminate is a synthetic flooring material consisting of many layers. It is designed to look like natural wood. The internal area is made from melamine resin and fiberboard material whereas the upper part has an engraved surfaced image created to look like the real wood. On the other hand, solid hardwood planks are single pieces of wood, available in both finished and unfinished form. And engineered wood contains multiple layers of wood or plywood.

Appearance and feel

Hardwood flooring options are made from different species of wood and are available in different colors and wood grain patterns. They can be finished to give them various look and feel. On the other hand, laminates are made of several layers of wood, including melamine resin. You will also find them in various colors and finishes. Some of them can also give you the look of real wood.


Generally, the longevity of any flooring surface will depend on the intensity of foot traffic and adherence to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. Most of the laminate floors are highly resistant to the amount of traffic they receive, moisture damage, staining and fading. Even you will find that many manufacturers offer warranties for many years on finishes. On the other hand, the longevity of hardwood flooring depends on factors like finishes, and maintenance. As natural wood is softer, it can dent easily. But they can be easily repaired or refinished even without the need of replacing the entire floor.


Installation is a big factor to consider when choosing the right kind of flooring option. The installation of hardwood flooring is completely dependent on the type of hardwood you choose. The setting up process is not that easy. The installation of laminate floors is easy and faster. And there will be no hassle if you hire professionals to do the job for you.

Upkeep or maintenance

If we talk about upkeep or maintenance, both laminate and hardwood flooring surfaces are easy to maintain and keep clean. You can sweep or vacuum with much ease to make them look great. Laminate floors are slightly easy to clean than hardwood. But yes, laminates do dent and scratch easily. Hardwood can be refinished easily but laminates cannot be refinished if they are scratched or damaged.

Ease of repair

You cannot easily repair laminate floors. If any part of your laminate floor is damaged, it is not easy to find new pieces that will completely blend with the rest of the parts. This will be due to various factors including exposure to sunlight, and wear and tear. On the other side, it is easy to repair a solid or hardwood floor than a laminate floor. If the hardwood surface is damaged, you can easily refinish it. Spot repairs are also easy on hardwood floors.


Wood is an organic material and it responds easily to changes in the humidity and temperature level. So the flooring experts recommend installing them in spaces where the humidity level is monitored and kept at 50 to 60%. They never recommend installing them in kitchens, bathrooms, or in areas where humidity fluctuations are at the most. On the other hand, laminate floors are highly resistant to moisture fluctuation and are ideal for bathrooms, kitchens, basement and areas where the moisture level is high.

While it can be a bit confusing in deciding the best flooring option for your space, you should compare the merits and demerits of both laminate and hardwood flooring before making the final decision. You should also consider your specific requirements, areas where you want to install the floor and your budget.

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