A pet can help bring a lot of joy and happiness into your home and your life. Nevertheless, they can also be a little hard on your property. However, the endless companionship and love pets provide are often worth the effort it takes for you to make your home a place that keeps them happy and comfortable.

beige carpetNot only will it help you keep your pets happier, but changing your home to better accommodate pets will also make your life easier. Below you will find the top six ways you can make your home more pet-friendly.

A pet-friendly home starts with flooring.

Pets tend to be hard on your home’s flooring. They love to run, scratch their claws, and drag their toys on the floor. If you wish to make your home pet-friendly, you need to avoid installing wall-to-wall carpet and choose a durable and scratch-resistant hard surface instead.

Carpet collects unpleasant smells and hair over time, making accidents even more challenging to clean. Instead of going through the hustle that comes with owning a pet, you need to opt for a floor that can stand up to all your pet’s habits.

Tile is one of the most durable flooring solutions, but it can also be a little less comforting than wooden floors. If you have pets, the new ultra-durable porcelain tiles or luxury vinyl plank floating that imitates natural wood is a much better alternative to hardwood flooring. They have what it takes to give you years of service and take on whatever your family or pets throw at them. However, natural hardwood is not worth the risk since it is not durable against scratches.

Cover the furniture

After years of co-existing with our furry friends, we now know that it is easier to work with pets than fighting against them. Instead of trying to keep your pet off the home’s furniture, it would be best if you covered the furniture instead.

If you throw a blanket or a sheet over your pet’s favorite chair, it will help you collect all the hair with ease, and you can remove it whenever visitors come over. However, if you are searching for something a little less temporary, you can always buy a slipcover.

Ensure your home is non-toxic

You should never expect animals to do the smart thing. They often eat off the floor, drink water out of the toilets, and occasionally eat or chew things they shouldn’t. If you wish to ensure that your home is a healthy and safe place for your pets, you must eliminate any items that can harm them in any way.

Switching to non-toxic washroom cleaners can help you find peace, knowing that you do not have to worry about every surface your pet might lick. It would help if you also tried to keep any easy access food and garbage secure, and away from your pets.

Things that we often do not consider harmful can prove to be fatal for animals. Raisins, grapes, coffee grinds, chocolate, sugar-free foods, and nutmeg can cause numerous health issues amongst animals ranging from seizures to kidney failures.

Do not leave windows open.

Even though you may think that leaving a window open to allow fresh air inside the house is the right idea if you have pets at home, but a wide-open window may pose a significant danger to your pets.

It is so common for cats to fall from windows that now there is a term for it called the high-rise syndrome. As a result of this syndrome, there are several injuries amongst thousands of cats each year.

Even dogs are known to jump through windows and gateways if they see a cat or squirrel running by the property. This is why you should always ensure that your windows are securely in place and never leave them wide open for your pets to trespass when you’re not around.

Avoid using air fresheners.

Even though pets may sometimes leave your home smelling less than fresh, using air fresheners is never a good alternative when you have animals living in your house. There are numerous essential oils, including peppermint, cinnamon, pine, citrus, and tea tree, that are toxic to animals.

They can cause problems to your pets whether they are applied directly onto the skin, used in a diffuser in the form of vapor, or ingested by accident. If you wish to avoid an emergency trip to the veterinary doctor, it would be great if you keep these items away from the pets or your house altogether.

Make sure that your pets cannot get trapped.

Animals are good at finding their way into a room, even if they may have a more challenging time getting back out. You can use door stoppers to prevent your pets from shutting themselves inside a room. You also need to check for any cords they can get tangled in or small areas they can get stuck in.

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