5 thoughts for a bathroom remodel

A bathroom remodel is a major project. That perfect bathroom vision that has overtaken your mind will require patience, decision making, and of course, money. You’ll have to curb your enthusiasm at least temporarily as a remodel isn’t something that can be done by the snap of your fingers.

With that being said, it helps to compartmentalize the various features of a bathroom before proceeding with a remodel. Simplifying the process can prevent unwanted stress and promote easier decision making. Here are 5 things to think about before beginning a bathroom remodel:

FlooringThings to think about before a bathroom remodel

Start from the ground up. Flooring is a great way to modernize a bathroom. First and foremost, consider appearance and quality. Presumably, you’re having the bathroom remodeled because you want it to look nicer. Therefore, install a flooring type that suits your vision and that you will enjoy looking at and standing on for years to come. Consider specific exposures to the floor as well. You will want a floor that can endure water and steam. Also, one that has grip to avoid slipping.

Porcelain tile is your best bet. Porcelain can be purchased in many designs. You will definitely be able to find a porcelain tile which suits the desired coziness of a bathroom. Stone flooring is a great option as well. Granite and quartz tile, in particular, will create a look of elegance to your bathroom. Quartz is non-porous (water will not penetrate the surface) and granite is very low in porosity. All three fit the bill for appearance and quality.

Shower or bathtub?

You bathe everyday (hopefully), thus, it is important install your desired shower or bathtub. Bathtubs can bring about an antique look to a bathroom, especially a master bathroom. However, think about how often you will actually use a bathtub. You’ll likely need one if you have toddlers or young kids, but if you are accustomed to showering every day, there is probably no reason to switch from a shower to a bathtub.

Both take up a good chunk of bathroom space. Make sure to account for measurements if you intend to upgrade your shower. You can add a sill to sit on in the shower or to place certain products. Glass showers make for a cool look also. Ultimately, a shower is one of the more customizable features of a bathroom that can successfully enhance the entire room’s look.


Subtle additions can be the finishing touches to your bathroom remodel. For example, light fixtures, door and cabinet handles, and mirrors. Each of these have their specific functions, yet, each can be purchased in different styles. A stroll down the aisles of your local department store can satisfactorily cross each one of these off your list.


Now for the not so fun part. Unfortunately, everything already mentioned comes with a price. You know your living situation or your family’s living situation better than anyone. Therefore, be wise with your bathroom remodeling budget. A lot of time is spent in a bathroom, but only for a certain amount of people within a household. You may have the occasional guest use your bathroom, though, the majority of the time it will be you or your family members that use it. For this reason, don’t overdo it. If you have the budget to customize a shower or to install stone floors then that’s great! But there is no reason to splurge unless your budget allows for it.

Unforeseen problems

Continuing the budget topic, make sure you set aside an amount to account for potential problems with the remodel. Any required plumbing work always has the possibility of either going wrong or costing more than you initially expected. Hopefully all goes smoothly and you won’t have to dip into the excess fund. If you don’t, then maybe you can spend the money on another bathroom feature.

Once you’ve considered all of the above, or if you need help completing your bathroom vision, contact Nadine Floor Company. We provide bathroom remodeling services. We will complete an estimate for the project, talk you through the process, and execute the remodel. Nadine Floor Company looks forward to helping you fulfill your vision! Please visit our blog for additional helpful information.