Home remodeling company: 10 questions to ask before hiring

When starting home renovation projects, there’s no such thing as asking too many questions! Any home remodeling project should start with a detailed hiring process for the right contractor. Reputability, experience, quality of work and work efficiency should be some top priorities in your search. Here are 10 very important questions to ask up front:

How experienced is you staff and how long have you been in business?ask home remodel contractor

Just like with any company, the longer it’s been in business the better. Experience is key, especially when it comes to remodeling projects. 20 years in business with 100 years of combined staff experience is much more comforting than just three years in business with 10 years of staff experience. You don’t have to eliminate a less experienced company, but maybe put a question mark next to that company instead of circling it.

Do you have a contracting license?

Requirements differ by state, but even if licenses aren’t required, it’s recommended that you only hire a company that is licensed in the areas pertaining to your home remodeling project. Contracting licenses are comforting to homeowners because they serve as proof that a contractor has gone through the proper training and testing to earn a particular license. If the state mandates a contractor worthy of a license then you should be in good shape.

Can I see your certificate of insurance?

Proof in hand is always better than just taking someone’s word. Confirmation that a company has both liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance is essential to a home remodeling project. The last thing you want is to be held liable for any damages caused by workers or any injuries occurring on the job. An easy remodel is definitely towards the top of your list of priorities, but protecting yourself and your home is at the top of the list.

Will you obtain necessary permits?

It’s not always required that a home remodeling company obtains the necessary permits for a job. That being said, situations will be made much easier if your contractor does obtain the permits. It takes the headache away from you, and it shows the contractor’s willingness to provide an additional, helpful service before the project even begins. Ultimately, you want the professionals to lead the way!

When do you expect the project to be complete?

You will be inconvenienced for at least some time while your home is undergoing a remodel. But wouldn’t it be nice to know exactly how long you’ll have to deal with it? Depending on the size of the project, it’s not probable that a home remodeling company will be able to give you a specific date for project completion. He/she should, however, be able to give a solid estimation. With that estimate, you’ve been given the power of expectation. If the job is not complete by the estimated time then you’ll deserve of an explanation as to why not.

What is the payment schedule? Itemized bid?

You should have no trouble finding a contractor that allows you a payment schedule. Paying for the whole job up front is risky; instead, you want to pay for the work as the work is completed. It also helps to have an itemized bid prior to the start of the job. Having exact numbers to work with based on materials and labor costs is much better than just using estimations. Estimations allow for gray areas that can lead to confusion and disagreement along the way.

Can you tell me how many people will be working on the project?

This seems like an unnecessary question, but you want to be sure of the process and the people executing the project. You want to know how many people will be working on the job and how often the project manager will be on-site overseeing the project and keeping you updated on the progress of the project. You want to be able to see the care put forth for your home remodel.

What is the best way to get in contact with you? When is the best time to get in contact with you?

Of course, communication is key. A general company phone number won’t do. Instead, direct contact with the project manager is what you’ll want. Discuss earlier on with a home remodeling company what their preferred method of communication is. Whether it be phone, email, text, in-person – it needs to be established from the start. Make sure to discuss the best times for communication as well.

What warranties are offered for materials/labor?

Warranties provide support for home remodeling projects. In case anything goes wrong from a labor or materials standpoint, it’s good to have a warranty so that the issue can be resolved without you having to pay for it. A home remodeling company should have a set warranty that is discussed with you in advance and given to you in paper form. Additionally, you should be able to obtain documentation of manufacturer warranties for materials and parts used in your project.

Do you have references I can get in contact with?

References can be extremely helpful. You basically have a cheat code every time you have the chance to discuss a company’s work with a previous client. Most times, the old client will be willing to give you information. You can discuss customer service, quality of work, similarity of projects, timelines, etc. You’ll have very strong footing with where you stand in the hiring process after discussing these aspects with a reference.

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